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Building a sustainable energy future requires more than just smart engineering. Economics, policy, business leadership, social issues, and environmental management are all components of a comprehensive energy equation. Each semester, muliple academic disciplines from across the UMD campus offer a variety of energy-related classes.
Winter Term 2016-2017 Special Opportunity:
The Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics is offering a 2-week winter course: "Energy, Climate Change, and Options for a Low-Carbon Economy" (AREC 457)
The course will be in Berlin the first week and in Venice for the second week, and lectures will be taught by researchers at the Ecologic Institut in Berlin and FEEM in Venice. The course is designed to be sufficiently broad to appeal to AREC, ECON, Engineering, Public Policy and other students. There are no specific requirements, although students should have some knowledge of economics and good quantitative skills. The course will also cover issues of energy efficiency, smart grid, transportation and its contribution to CO2 emissions.
Visit the course website for more information:

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