The Engineering Sustainability Workshop 2015

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2015: Engineering Grid Resiliency for a Changing Climate

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2013: The Energy Water Nexus

2012: Solar Energy

2011: Energy

2010: Water

2009: Energy

Sustainability does not happen by chance. It must be engineered.
That’s why, each year on or near Earth Day in April, the Clark School invites its own faculty members and students, interested people from other University of Maryland schools, and guest speakers from industry and government, to come together for the Clark School’s Engineering Sustainability Workshop.
Please join us on April 22, 2015  to explore this year's theme: Engineering Grid Resiliency for a Changing Climate
The goal of the workshop is to present and propose ways to maximize technology's positive impact on the long-term availability of natural resources, and to minimize its negative impact. The workshop offers presentations, demonstrations, and discussions in which all may participate. At the conclusion of the workshop, a list is made of new ideas for sustainability initiatives proposed by attendees; this list will be posted on this website for future reference and possible development and execution.
We encourage all to join us and contribute new ideas for engineering sustainability.